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About Kick the Dahmer

Kick the Dahmer is a superb destruction game inspired on the biography of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. He just waits for you to give him what he deserves.

Click on the convict's head, arms, legs, and body to strike him, and when you have enough cash to buy weapons, hold them away from him to use them and inflict even more harm on the criminal. The more money you acquire, the more damage you cause.

You can buy guns, seesaws, knives, hammers, and other weapons, and you can also take him away and make him strike the walls of his jail. Clicking on your target repeatedly without missing will result in greater damage and combos, and combinations imply more money

How to play

Injure him by clicking or tapping on his head, body, legs, or arms, fling him into the wall, ceiling, or floor, and earn money as a consequence. Making a combo by clicking in a row improves your profits.

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