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About Just Fall.LOL

The playing instruction

Join Just Fall.LOL to participate in many fun minigames with friends. Take control of the penguin to compete with the other 7 players and have fun.

In this game, you play as a penguin and have fun with friends. Choose your favourite mode and click the Play button to start the game now. The game offers three modes including Casual, Competitive and Custome. If you choose the Casual mode, four mini-games are selected at random. Contrarily, for a Competitive mode, you are allowed to choose one of four challenges and play with the other players worldwide. For a Custom mode, you can select one of 4 challenges and play it alone.

In general, the ultimate objective in the below challenges is to survive until the end to become the champion. Don’t hesitate! Play this game now and unwind your mind after a hard-working day. Like Among Us, this game is playable in the web browser on both PC and mobile devices 

How to control

Press “ARROW KEYS” or “WASD” keys to move

Press Spacebar to jump

Press a Shift key or the right mouse button to dive

The challenges in Just Fall.LOL

  • Hexagon: In this challenge, you have to run on many interconnected hexagon tiles. They will start falling right after you step on them. For that reason, you should run as fast as possible to another tile before they drop. Do your best to be the only one to stand until the end of the challenge
  • Just Blocks: Your task in this game is to move left or right to avoid the moving blocks. The last one who can survive will be the winner. One tip is to dive into fractured blocks to break them
  • Just Jump: In this challenge, you have to control the penguin to jump as high as possible to avoid the giant swiper. Be careful with the fractured tiles. They will drop right after you step on them. Therefore, you should only stand on the steady hexagon tiles until the end of the challenge
  • Parkour: Your mission in this challenge is to jump from one hexagon tile to another one. Try your best to reach the finish tile to be the winner.

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