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Just Fall.LOL

About Just Fall.LOL


Just Fall.LOL is an online multiplayer penguin game with friends. In a 1v1 match, players compete in a hexagon to see who can survive the longest and become the winner.

In each game, there are 8 real players, in addition to you, who control cute penguins. You'll be competing with them! The goal is to stay on the ice as long as possible and be the last one to fall into the ocean. There are many levels, interesting puzzles, and well-deserved victories in store for you!

Just Fall.LOL - a cute little penguin is waiting for you, which you can name and color. You can request a specific game for certain participants or invite someone to your game if you wish. You can practice managing your penguin in the Practice section. Everything is extremely straightforward:

  • The keyboard's A, S, D, and W keys allow the penguin to move forward, backward, left, and right.
  • "Space" means to jump.
  • You can dive by pressing the right mouse button.
  • Running and acceleration are controlled by the "Tab" button.

One of my recent favorite games is Drift Boss, not long after spending a lot of time on this game. 

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