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About Hover Racer


Hover Racer is a stunning racing game. Take control of your hover ship to fly as fast as possible to be the first one to complete 3 laps in the race.

Have you ever participated in the hover ship race? If you haven’t, don’t miss this opportunity to join a hover ship race in this game. Just click the Start button to start the race right now. In this race, you have to race with the other three hover ships. Your goal is to control your hover ship to fly as fast as possible to complete 3 laps. Fly over the arrow icon to increase your speed to overtake your opponents. Collect more ammo by flying over the pink square on the road. You can shoot your opponents when necessary. Try your best to be the first one to finish 3 laps in the shortest time. You will obtain a lot of gems after finishing a race. Use the gems you earn to purchase new hover ships in the shop and upgrade the speed, turbo, acceleration, and turn of your hover ship.

Features of Hover Racer:

  • 3 racetracks including Terrain, Space, and Barrel
  • A variety of giver ships to unlock
  • Easy control
  • Awesome 3D visuals and lively music

How to play:

Press “ARROW KEYS” or “WASD” keys to control a hover ship


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