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Grand Nitro Formula


About Grand Nitro Formula

The rule

Grand Nitro Formula is a formula 1 racing game which will test your skills. Race your racing car at a fast speed to reach the finish line in time.

Come to this game which offers exciting races with great graphics and coll art animations. In this game, your mission is to control a racing car to participate in the Formula 1 championship. It may be challenging for you, so you can practise first to master all driving skills. When you are confident in your skills, it’s time to conquer the racetracks in many countries around the world. Drive your car to complete three laps in the shortest time. Be careful! Try not to go out of track if you don’t want to lose soon. Besides, drifting skill is really important as the racetrack is full of curves. If you still don’t master this skill, play Drift Boss now to practise. Try to perform the perfect drifts to get bonus points. Additionally, your opponents are really powerful, so you need to take a lot of effort to defeat them. Accelerate the speed to overtake them and be the first one to cross the finish line. The reward for the winner is a lot of money.

The car shop sells many cool racing cars with better handling and faster speed. You can use the money you earned to purchase them.

How to control

Press “WASD” or “ARROW KEYS” to move

Press a “F” key to activate NOS

Press a “B” key to look back

Press a “SPACEBAR” to use the handbrake

Game modes and maps in Grand Nitro Formula

Game modes

Three game modes are available in this game. Each mode features different gameplay and objective. Here is the list of playable modes in the game.

  • Time Attack: In this mode, your goal is to get to the finish line in time. Note that you have only more than 1 minute. Therefore, you need to go as fast as possible. T
  • Practise: This mode offers you an opportunity to practise your driving skills and prepare for the championship. If you want to defeat all your rivals in the Formula 1 championship, choose this mode and start your strict training now. 
  • Championship: This mode has ten races which are held in different countries around the world. In each race, you need to compete with the other 9 racers. If you want to score, you will need to be one of 7 racers to complete 3 laps first. At the end of the championship, the one who has more score wins the cup. Each time you start the championship from the beginning, you will have more powerful opponents than the previous one. Therefore, don’t forget to upgrade your car to go faster.

Game maps

This game offers 10 racetracks in different countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Azerbaijan, the United States and Canada. You need to complete the previous racetrack to unlock the next one. Moreover, each racetrack has a different reward. For example, if you can conquer the track in Australia, you will claim 3,500 dollars. Contrarily, you will be rewarded 16,000 dollars if you can win the race in Canada.

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