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Flappy Bird


About Flappy Bird

Simple mechanics

Flappy Bird is the famous endless adventure game. Take control of a cute bird to fly through as many pipes as possible to gain the highest score.

Be ready to embark on an exciting adventure with a pretty yellow bird. Your task is to click or touch the screen to control this bird to fly through many green pipes. Your score is proportional to the number of pipes you have flown through. Therefore, do your best to fly through as many pipes as possible to gain the highest possible score. Be careful! If you crash into the pipe, the game is over. However, don’t give up! Click the Restart button to try it again. You had better focus on the bottom pipe to avoid over-flapping while flying. However, sometimes. you also need to pay attention to the top pipes to avoid flying too high. It is a good idea to keep the bird flying in the middle of the space between the pipes. Additionally, don’t get overconfident while playing the game. This will make you distracted and make a mistake easily. Remember that a little mistake will lead to the death of the bird.

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How to control

Click or tap the screen to fly

Developer and Platform

This game was developed by Dong Nguyen who is a Vietnamese video game artist and programmer. It was initially launched in May 2013 and has attracted millions of players over the world. This game is available in the web browser and can be played on both PC and mobile devices.

Questions Frequently Asked

1. How to get all medals in Flappy Bird?

In this game, your goal is not only to get the highest score but also to win all medals. There are a total of 4 medals in this game. To get them, you need a lot of effort. Here is the list of medals in the game and some ways to win them.

  • Bronze Medal: If you want to get this medal, you need to guide the bird to fly through at least 10 pipes.
  • Silver Medal: You will get this medal if you can fly through 20 pipes.
  • Gold Medal: This medal is rewarded to the one who can control the bird to fly through 30 pipes.
  • Platinum Medal: To earn this medal, you have to control the bird to fly through at least 40 pipes.

2. What happens when you get to 999 on Flappy Bird?

When you reach a score of 999, the game will be more challenging and complex. Specifically, the pipes won’t stand vertically and create a middle space anymore. Instead, they form a maze and begin to move up and down on their own. In addition, you will see several piranha plants which often appear in the Mario series. If you can fly through them, you will meet the Final Boss who is Mario. He will throw the fire bullets constantly. Therefore, you need to be careful. Try your best to evade all his bullets.

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