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Drifty Master

About Drifty Master


Drifty Master is a roadster racing car driving simulation game with three-dimensional game art animation for racing enthusiasts. Classic racing game but equally attracts players by beautiful graphics, vivid sound. make it more attractive

Racing is a classic game full of adventure and challenges for boys, but girls who like the strong and new can also play. Racing with unbelievable speed, gliding, and with dangerous but extremely beautiful and cool stunts that many players enjoy.

How to play:

  • The game has all 2000 levels from easy to difficult you pass. They are not easy with your practice skills. Try to overcome the challenges to win.

  • Unlock levels and upgrade your car as you accumulate enough coins to make it better in every way

  • To avoid ending the game early, you should stay away from the racers around you so that you don't have an accident that interferes with your finish.

  • Option to speed up or slow down according to different circumstances to improvise

  • Collect Nitrogen gas bottles. They can give you a speed boost for a certain amount of time.

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