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Drift Max Pro


About Drift Max Pro


Drift Max Pro creates realistic physics that draws players in with this mysterious attraction. New generation graphics give you a great experience.

Realistic images simulate many spectacular places such as Tokyo - Japan, New York Brooklyn - the USA, and Red Square Moscow - Russia at night or during the day.

Immerse yourself in the world of street racing. Check out Texas deserts, and visit Australia, France, or Russia. Split the activities of secret organisations and destroy Winston's empire. Defeat the Syndicate's plan before it's too late. Make new friends and like-minded people who can help you with these secret plans. Earn gold and cash, and collect cards to upgrade your dream.  garage to be more epic. Com

Like Drift F1, this game also offers three tracks including Sunny, Night and Rainy. You need to choose one of them to play. Note that each track has a different feature. For example, if you choose the Night track, it is difficult for you to see the upcoming path as it’s too dark. In the Rainy track, the road is really slippery. Moreover, the heavy rain will cover your vision. If you are a newbie, I suggest you select the Sunny track.

How to control

Press “ARROW KEYS” or “WASD” key to move forward, backward, left or right.

Playable game modes in Drift Max Pro

One Way

This mode offers a one-way where you have to drive your car to go as far as possible. Be wary of other vehicles on the road. Try to cause any traffic accidents if you don’t want to lose soon.

Two Way

In this mode, you have to drive your car on the two-way road. You should go on the right way to avoid the cars which go in the opposite direction. Try not to hit any vehicles along the way and go as far as possible to gain the highest possible score.

Time Attack

Another mode in this game is Time Attack. In this mode, you have to go as far as possible before time’s up. As the allotted time is only more than 1 minute. Therefore, you need to be fast. You can accelerate your speed when necessary.

Speed Bomb

This mode is very challenging as you have to try to maintain the health bomb. You can see the red health bar on the left of the screen. It is full at the start of the game. If you uncarefully crash into any vehicle on the road, it will decrease. When it is empty, your car will explode immediately and the game is over.

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