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About Drift Boss Math Playground

The gameplay

Drift Boss Math Playground is an endless game which put your drifting skill to the test. Drift your car to overcome tricky corners and gather many coins.

Play this game to join a drift race where you have to show off your drifting skill. The gameplay of this game is similar to Drift Boss. Your task is to drive your car to go as far as possible on the endless racetrack. Your score will be proportional to the distance you have gone. If you can go further, you will gain a high score. However, it may be challenging for you as the track is full of tricky corners and curves. Moreover, it is fairly narrow and bumpy. Therefore, you can fall out of the track easily. Click the mouse or release the mouse at the right time to make perfect drifts. Besides, you also need to be careful with the bumpy parts and slopes of the road. Keep your car stay balanced while you go through them.

In addition, collecting the golden coins is your other mission. You can see many coins which are scattered on the track. They can be used to purchase boosters and other cars with better handling such as an ice-cream car, a taxi, a police car, a van, a fire truck, or an ambulance in the shop. For that reason, you should grab them at all costs.

How to control


Click and hold the left mouse button to drift to the right

Release the mouse button to go left


Touch screen to drift to the right, and release the screen to go left.

Distinctive features of Drift Boss Math Playground

Available boosters

This game provides you with three boosters which are sold at different prices. You should purchase one of the boosters at the start of the game as they will help you go further. Here’s the list of boosters and how they work

  • Double Score: If you use this booster, your score will be doubled. Its price is only 20 coins
  • Car Insurance: This booster will give a chance to respawn and continue your journey after you unexpectedly fail. You need to pay 40 coins.
  • Coin Rush: This booster will help you collect more coins during the game. It costs 60 coins.

Rewards and Special Cards

The game offers daily rewards if you play this game every day. Each day, you will get many surprising rewards such as 50 coins, 3 Double Score boosters, 3Car Insurance boosters, 3 Coin Rush boosters and 100 coins. Furthermore, you can unlock the loot boxes to gain valuable rewards. There are two kinds of loot boxes including an hourly loot box and a premium loot box. For an hourly loot box, you will claim one card every 60 minutes. For a premium loot box, you will claim up to 10 cards.

Besides, you get an opportunity to join a picture-matching game. You are offered nine hidden cards and your mission is to guess and select 3 identical cards to assemble. Keep assembling to upgrade to Level 5 cards. Try to collect enough nine Level 5 cards to drift.

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