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Cyber Racer Battles


About Cyber Racer Battles

Join Cyber Racer Battles to participate in the exciting races in the galaxy. Drive your spaceship to fly around the planet and defeat all invaders.

The game has three different game three game modes, which is really similar to Grand Nitro Formula. They are Race, Mission, and Free Roam. You may play Race and Free Roam between these modes in single-player or two-player mode. If you win the races in single-player mode, you will receive money, which you can use to buy additional hovers. In Race mode, there are six maps to choose from. A progressive reward will be given to any map. There are twelve fighting maps in mission game mode, each colourful and challenging.

In the top left corner, you may quickly access your favourite websites and websites you've already visited. We've set the most frequented sites in the world for you in the lower right corner; by clicking on the settings in the bottom left corner, you can quickly access and filter the sites you wish to use.

In the top right corner of the theme, you'll discover a number of features such as a weather forecast and a clock.

Another feature of our new tab is the ability to search. With the search bar positioned at the top of the game section, you can easily and quickly conduct your searches using the Google search engine.

How to control

Player 1:

Use WASD to move

Use the F key to shoot rockets

Use the G key to the Machine gun/Laser gun

Use the R key to fix the hover position

Player 2:

Use ARROW KEYS to move

Use the O KEY to shoot rockets

Use the P key to the Machine gun/Laser gun

Use the L key to fix the hover position

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