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Cyber Cars Punk Racing


About Cyber Cars Punk Racing


Cyber ​​Cars Punk Racing is a 3D racing game with many beautiful and challenging racing cars that will require talent. Choose a mode and start the race now!

If you are an enthusiast of racing games like Mega Ramp Car Racing Stunt 3D, this game is designed for you. The game has 16 super cars, 60 tracks, 2 players, 1 free ride area, a Hot Pursuit area and a battlefield waiting for you to show your level. The game features vehicle upgrades by unlocking different levels. Use your wits and race on the endless track. Victory is waiting for you.  You can invite your friends to race with you and have fun.

How to control

Player 1:

Drive - WASD or Arrow keys

Nitro - N

Change camera - C

Player 2:

Drive - WASD or Arrow keys

Nitro - T

Playable game modes in Cyber Cars Punk Racing

Career Mode

You will be given a choice of one of these areas to race: Race, Against Time, Stunt, CheckPoint and Fly Parkour. Completing each race you will receive the corresponding number of stars according to your ability. It's a measure of how well you do the racing part.

In career mode, you can get up to 160 stars. There are 12 tracks in the "Race" mode. You race against 7 Artificial Intelligences, and if you make it to the top 3 when the race is over, you have the right to proceed to the next race. At the end of each race, you get gold based on the amount of time you reach. The drift and fly points you earn also help you get gold.

Against Time Mode

In "Against Time" mode, you race against time. There are 12 different races. The score you achieve, if high, corresponds to the number of stars you achieve, will be reviewed and displayed on the leaderboard. Get a star rating here. Based on the star rating, you will be able to buy new supercars and supercars. 

Stunt Mode

In "stunt" mode, you need to overcome obstacles and handle beautiful, unbelievable stunts. There are 12 levels in this mode, try your best to complete all of them and gain 3 stars in each level.

Checkpoint Mode

In "Check Point" mode, You need to overcome obstacles safely. Moreover, you need to check all checkpoints along the way to save your progress and score.

Fly Parkour Mode

In "Fly Parkour" mode, you need to try to stay out of the way by reaching incredible speeds. You can get new cars by getting stars, and you can buy cars and upgrade them to make your car stronger, faster, better, and more beautiful.

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