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City Car Stunt 4


About City Car Stunt 4

City Car Stunt 4 races against AI opponents, each one more difficult than the last! Remember to update your automobile in order to win the upcoming races!

Get ready to join thrilling races in the fourth version of City Car Stunt! In this game, you play as a professional racer who has to drive the car to complete all 12 racing courses in the game. But first, choose one of the cool supercars in the garage. You can upgrade the speed, acceleration, brake power and steer sensitivity of your car to make it more powerful. Besides, you can customize your beloved car with different colours. When everything is ready, choose one of two game modes and start your race now. It’s an opportunity to prove that you are the greatest!

This game was developed by RHM Interactive who is also a creator of Cartoon Stunt Car. It was released on January 06, 2021

Game Mode

Free Driving Mode

Collect diamonds strewn over the city and use them to purchase your preferred vehicle. In free mode, you may perform insane feats with your automobile. Bring a friend because this is a two-player game mode, and go head-to-head with them.

Racing Mode

This mode allows you and your friends to play the game on the same device. Compete against difficult opponents on a high-altitude race circuit while avoiding roadblocks to emerge victorious. This is a two-player game mode, so you may race with a friend.

How to control

Player 1

Press “ARROW KEYS” to drive and steer

Press an N key to activate the Nitro

Press a B key to look back

Player 2

Press W,A,S,D to Drive/Steer

Press a T key to activate the Nitro

Press a C key Look Back

Press an R key to restart the level

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