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City Car Racer


About City Car Racer

Exciting gameplay

City Car Racer is a thrilling car racing game in which you have to control a car to get the best score while driving in the city and avoiding other vehicles.

Welcome to the world of racing cars where you can experience intriguing races in the city! Like Mega Ramp Car Racing Stunt 3D, this game is also a realistic simulation of car races. Participating in this game allows you to enjoy masterful city landscapes, various beautiful cars, and adventurous races. Your mission is to use WASD or Arrow Keys to control your car to avoid colliding with other vehicles on your way and try to get the highest score. If you cause crashes, the game will end. The track is infinite, so you can be free to show your driving skills. Besides, you can unlock new vehicles for races by using collected cash after each race. Have fun!

How to control

W or up arrow to accelerate

AD or left/right arrow to steer

C to change camera

Available game modes in City Car Racer

One Way

In this mode, you are offered three options including Rainy, Sunny and Night. If you are a beginner, you had better choose the Sunny option. If you are a master, challenge yourself with the Rainy or Night option. In this mode, your goal is to go as far as possible on the one-way road. The further you can go, the more points you can get. Try not to collide with other vehicles.

Two Way

Unlike the One Way mode, this mode lets you go on a two-way road. On the road, there are not only vehicles going in the same direction, but also vehicles going in the opposite direction. Therefore, the degree of difficulty of this mode is harder than the previous mode. You must master the driving skill before choosing this mode.

Time Attack

In this mode, you have to go as far as possible within the designated time. Specifically, the allotted time is 1 minute and 40 seconds. You need to get the highest possible score before time’s up. If you hit other vehicles before time’s up, the game will still end.

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