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Brawl Stars


About Brawl Stars

The gameplay

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer battle royale game with many game modes. Play with your friends and fight against other players over the world.

At the start of the game, you are teleported to the arena where many players over the world are gathered. Your mission is to defeat all your rivals in the arena. It may be challenging for you as your enemies are also very strong. You need to combine the attack and defence to ensure that you can survive until the end of the battle. Always pay attention to the blood bar on your head. If it is empty, you will die. Don’t forget to protect your teammates if they are attacked. Do your best to complete the assigned mission to gain victory. If you are the winner, you will claim a lot of coins after the battle. 

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How to control

Press WASD keys or use the mouse to move

Click the left mouse button to shoot

More relevant information about Brawl Stars

Game modes

There is a total of 9 game modes in this game. Each mode has unique gameplay and feature. Here is the list of some game modes.

  • Gem Grab: This mode is available at the start of the game. In this mode, you are required to collect 10 or more gems before the opponents’ do that. The allotted time is 15 seconds. Therefore, you need to be quick.
  • Showdown: It is the battle royale of the game. In this mode, you and the other 9 players are dropped into a map, filled with power-up boxes, structures, and a storm of gas. Your task is to eliminate as many opponents as possible
  • Bounty: In this mode, your goal is to gather as many stars as possible before the time runs out. When time’s up, the team who has the highest number of stars will be the winner
  • Heist: In this mode, your duty is to destroy the enemy team’s safe before they do the same thing with your team
  • Brawl Ball: This mode requires you to shoot the ball which spawns at the centre of the map into the enemy goal

The list of characters

The game offers 6 kinds of brawlers. Each brawler has a unique ability, power and appearance. If you want to unlock them, you need to complete different achievements.

  • Common Brawlers: There are 8 common brawlers who have common powers and abilities. You can be unlocked easily.
  • Rare Brawlers: Four rare Brawlers are Poco, El Primo, Rosa and Barley. They have special powers and abilities
  • Super Rare Brawlers: You will see 6 super rare brawlers. Their power stats are higher than rare brawlers. Moreover, it is a little bit difficult to unlock these characters.
  • Mythic Brawlers: Eight mythic brawlers have weird appearances, but all of them have special powers. 
  • Legendary Brawlers: Crow, Leon, Spike, Amber, Sandy and Meg are legendary brawlers. To unlock them, you have to get many trophies and rare brawlers first.
  • Chromatic Brawlers: There are 8 chromatic brawlers which rarely drop in the game.

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