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About boxhead 2 play


Boxhead 2 is an online fighting game that you can play for free. Lock and load your favorite items, take on the world in slow motion, or team up with pals to beat back your opponents like in your favorite action film. It's entirely up to you! Customize your character, gain the items and upgrades you'll need to beat your opponents, and choose from a variety of stylish skins and headwear to make yourself stand out: just like in real life! The best part about Boxhead 2 is that, unlike most other free online action games, it allows you to share the link with your pals and form an unbeatable dynamic pair! You'll be competing against people from all across the world. Some will be solo performances, while others will be duos.

This form of tournament is ideal for putting your talents to the test against real-life opponents. Humans, on the other hand, can be defeated by shrewd thinking and plain human reason, even the finest AIs. Is it possible to truly live honestly with human goodness on the other side of the screen? They'll need a little more than your typical non-player character.


The game's instructions for how to play Boxhead 2 are included in the game, but we'll offer you the hints here: To move, press W, A, S, D, or the arrow pad. To shoot, use the Space Bar. Friends, it's game time!

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