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Battle Royale Classic


About Battle Royale Classic

Your duty

Battle Royale Classic is a special battle royale game in which three players compete. On the map, find weapons to use against your opponents.

This is the traditional battle royale game mode that the world has loved in recent years. In this game, you will be matched randomly with the other 3 players. Your task is to kill them as many times as possible. Be careful! Control the character to jump to avoid your opponent’s attack. Don’t forget to collect other weapons in the arena. If your blood is about to run out of, you need to be quick to grab the green health bottle to get more blood. Keep in mind that the allotted time of a match is more than 4 minutes. Do your best to survive as long as possible to raise your rank on the leaderboard. You can see the leaderboard on the top right of the screen. It presents the names and the number of deaths of top players. What is your rank on the leader board? Play this game now and prove that you are the best shooter. After finishing the fight In this game, you can play Brawl Stars to join the more thrilling fight. 

How to control

AD or left/right arrow to move

Space bar to jump

Left click to shoot

Right click to do a melee attack

Mouse middle button to throw a grenade.

More interesting secrets about Battle Royal Classic

Three characters in the game

This game offers three characters including Normal, Tough, Agile. Each character has a distinct feature and weapon.

  • Normal: This character has blue skin and uses a laser gun. He is the weakest character in this game as his HP and MS stats are really low.
  • Tough: His skin is green and his weapon is a pistol. Although his MS stat is really low, his HP stat is the highest.
  • Agile: This character has orange skin. He is armed with a sniper, so his HP stat is super low. However, his MS stat is the highest.

Developer and Platform

This game was created by Faramel Games and was released in October 2018. It was updated in March 2019 with new weapons and AI features. You can play this game in the web browser on both PC and mobile devices.

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