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Advance Car Parking Game


About Advance Car Parking Game

The rules

The finest game with a true parking exam is Advance Car Parking Game. Prepare yourself for a tough Prado automobile parking game in this parking 3d game.

Are you professional in parking the car? If you are a master, play this game now and show us your car parking skill. In this game, you have to drive the Prado car to reach the parking spot without touching any barriers. It may be challenging for you as there are many corners along the way. To overcome the corners safely, you need to master the drifting skill. Play Drift Boss to practise it first. Do your best to drift around the corners without crashing into anything. Keep in mind that if you touch any barriers or traffic cones on the path, the level will be failed. However, don’t dive up. Click the Restart button and try it again. Besides, you also need to be careful with the bumpy parts on the path. Decrease your speed whenever you go over them.

Come on! Come to the game and complete all levels. Share it with your friends or relatives and play it together. Released in January 2020, this game can be accessed on both PC and mobile devices.

How to control

Press the “ARROW KEYS” or ‘WASD’ key to drive the car

Press the Spacebar to use the hand brake

Some pro tips to beat the game

In spite of its simple gameplay, this game is more challenging than it looks. If you are a newbie who is just on the verge of discovering this game, here are some useful tips for you.

  • Decelerate the speed whenever you go over the bumpy parts
  • Use the handbrake when the car is about to collide with the traffic cones or barriers
  • Drive the car to go in the middle of the track
  • Combine between the going forward and backward while you go around the corners and curves
  • Play the game over and over to practise.

More interesting things about Advance Car Parking Game

Challenge with hard levels in the game

In this game, you are expected to finish 13 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Specifically, the distance between the starting point to the parking spot in the next level will be further than in the previous level. Moreover, you will also have to overcome more tricky corners and curves. Therefore, it is possible to say that this game will put your parking skill to the test. Do your best to accomplish all challenging levels in the game and have fun.

Impress with 3D graphics and vibrant sound effects

This game features a third-person perspective, which helps you the background more clearly. As you can see, this driving game has tremendously beautiful locations. The 3D graphics look so high-quality and realistic. You can use the mouse to change the camera view and observe all the stunning scenery around the track. In addition, the sound effects are also really vibrant. This will bring you the most immersive playing experience.

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