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4WD Race Legend


About 4WD Race Legend

The playing rule

4WD Race Legend is a stunning racing game. Your mission is to control your F1 car to go as fast as possible to reach the finish line in the shortest time.

Are you ready to participate in the F1 race in this game? In this race, your objective is to drive your F1 car to the finish line. Click and hold the speed button in the middle of the screen to increase the speed to overtake your rivals. Besides, when you go around the tricky curves, you need to click the Balance button in the middle of the screen to avoid flipping. The game is won if you are the first driver to reach the finish line. Do your best! You will be rewarded a lot of money and experience points after getting a victory. Try to gain as many experience points as possible to level up. Use the money you earn to exchange blind boxes for claiming many cool F1 cars.  You can upgrade your car with more powerful automotive components.

This game 5 tournaments including Junior Tournament, Intermediate Tournament, Advanced Tournament, Super Tournament, and Top Tournament. Attempt to win the last match to unlock new tournaments. After getting a cup in this game, you can participate in the Formula 1 Championship in Grand Nitro Formula.

How to control

Use the mouse to hold to move

Developer and Platform

This game was developed by Cargames. Com and released in June 2022. This game is playable in the web browser on both PC and mobile devices such as tablets or mobile devices, which is similar to Drift Boss.

Available boosters in 4WD Race Legend

During the race, you will be provided with many boosters. Each time, you are offered three options. You can choose one to help you go faster to overtake your rivals. Sometimes, you are allowed to select all. Here’s the list of available boosters in the game

  • Rocket: This booster will help to refill the energy now
  • Rims: It will improve turning force, which helps you to drift around the curves more easily.
  • Nitro: This booster improves the energy limit.
  • Chill Path: If you want to reduce opponent speed, use this booster. This helps you overtake the rivals easily.
  • Turbo: Its function is to improve the boost
  • Synergy: This booster not only improves the boost but also increases the speed.
  • Dash: It will give you a shield which protects you from any damage during the game. Note that the effect of the shield will disappear after a limited time.
  • Rooted: if you choose this booter, the handling of your car will be improved. 
  • Hanging: Racing will consume a lot of energy. Therefore, you need to use this booster to improve energy consumption
  • Control: If your car is broken, select this booster to repair it. Besides, it also increases the speed.
  • Buffer: When you drive around the curves, you need to keep your racing car staying balanced. Therefore, choose this booster to improve balance.
  • Fusion: This booster helps to raise your energy value and limit.

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