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About 2 Player Battle Car Racing

The playing rule

2 Player Battle Car Racing is an awesome game with the objective of going as fast as possible to be the first driver to cross the finish line.

Get ready for the thrilling car races on the streets of the city. It’s time to showcase your racing skills. Drive your car to race with the other 3 players. Your ultimate target is to go as fast as possible to be the first person to reach the finish line to pass the level. The game is over if you go too slow and be the fourth driver to cross the finish line. Therefore, activate the nitro to overtake all your opponents. As the streets have many crossroads, you can get lost. Getting lost will take you a lot of time to reach the finish line. Therefore, you should follow the direction arrows on the road to ensure that you are going in the right way. Another way is to look at the mini-map on the top left of the screen which allows you to know how far it is from your position to the finish line. Besides, this mini-map also presents the positions of you and your opponents. The orange dot is you and the white dots are your rivals. 

In addition to racing, collecting coins is also an important task in this game, which is similar to Drift Boss. Do your best to collect as many gold coins as possible. Furthermore, you can see many colourful blind boxes on the road. They contain a lot of boosters which will assist you a lot during the race. Therefore, you need to grab them at all costs.

How to control


Press “ESDF” keys to move


Press “ARROW KEYS” to move

Noteworthy features of 2 Player Battle Car Racing

Game modes

This game has 2 modes including 1 PLAYER and 2 PLAYER modes. For a 1 PLAYER mode, you have to race with the other 3 random players. It may be challenging for you as all your rivals are really powerful. Try your best to defeat all of them to become the champion. For a 2 PLAYER mode, you can invite your friend to play this game with you on the same computer. In this mode, you and your friends have to race with the other 2 random players. You can your friends can cooperate to defeat the other players to get a victory.

Many levels

There is a total of 10 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty in this game. For the 1 Player mode, only the first level is playable and the other 9 levels are locked. To unlock all levels, you need to complete them in order. Contrarily, for the 2 Player mode, all levels are unlocked at the start of the game. Therefore, you can choose one of them and start the race with your friends.

Various cars

You can find out various cool cars with different designs and colours when clicking on the Garage button. You can use the coins you collected to purchase your favourite car. Keep in mind that the more expensive the car, the faster it is. Try your best to gather as many coins as possible to buy the most expensive car in the garage.

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